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Diamond Setters

La Quinta Jewel Master Diamond Setters La Quinta, CA – Coachella Valley

Take advantage of a full service, master diamond setter.

What is a Diamond Setter?

Ralph Rangel and the team at La Jewelers are skilled craftsmen who are aware of the following disciplines. The composition of alloys, use of levers, tension of metals, use of fulcrums, density of various working metals. They have working knowledge of soldering principles, uses of abrasive compounds, electrolysis (Plating) and designing. Along with this, they are cognizant of the following topics with gemology, the study of crystals, porous materials in casting, knowledge of gemstones and their inherent hardness, (Moh’s Scale), load bearing limits on Diamonds and uses of abrasive materials. This job is not easy!

La Quinta Jewelers under the sharp supervision of Ralph Rangel are aware of polishing techniques, how to enhance his own creations. A Diamond Setter is a designer, artist, creator of “objects d’ arte”. We are proud to be a part of this trade not just for the money. We have a true understanding of what we are making. Our labours will on the most part outlast a lifetime and those items that we work on will definitely be passed down to other generations. Since we understand this, we are called craftsmen. In this craft La Quinta Jewelers and Ralph Rangel gets “instant gratification” from what we see in a few minutes from the results of all our labors.

We as setters can transform a simple ring made of gold/Platinum into a piece of art!

Let your jewelry say something about you Call us today!